Glad ya’ll are enjoying my rantings

Thanks for the comments everyone! Oh and Laura asked me to elaborate about the giant bug we saw scurry across the pavement last night…she also sent me some links to ‘beetles in Arizona” for reference, but sadly none of them really matched. In any case, this was some sort of large beetle-like bug that actually made clickety clackety noises as it scurried across the pavement and made its way into a bush. It was fast too.

So there, you now know about the large beastly insects that live out here!

Also, apparently Kelly Pickler from American Idol (the dumb chick that didn’t know Hungary was a country) was there as a correspondant for the Tonight Show…and a few of my co-workers were there reporting and got our team photographer to snap a pic of them with her…well kind of. Read Andy’s play-by-play in the Patriots Football Weekly blog, along with the pic.

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