Press Conference Madness!

MankinsThe Pats held their daily press conferences bright and early this morning (well early here, anyway) and I went over and took some pics with Michelle, Chris and Jana. Michelle ended up being the designated tape recorder holder person for part of the morning, and we’re going to use some of the audio on…was pretty fun to walk around and see the whole team, and photograph it of course! They’re all up on my flickr page. Here, have a link to it.

We went to the Super Bowl media party last night, which was pretty cool. It had a whole western theme to it, with dancin cowgirls, cowboys showing people (Jana) how to rope a steed, and of course…tequila bowling!!! (rolling a lime down a piece of wood to knock over a bunch of plastic nip bottles lined up like bowling pins). THAT was an experience.

And last but not least…the Gin Blossoms were the evening’s entertainment…yes, the Gin Blossoms…guess they’re A) still a band, and B) from Arizona. Random.

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