Welcome Party

20080201_loscedros06_sm.jpgSo, we went to Los Cedros – an Arabian horse ranch about 20 miles from the new hotel. The place was pretty sweet, complete with about 50 prize horses, most of them gigantic in size. One of them was literally as tall as me from leg to back, and its head went up to about the 8 foot level. It was massive!

There was also lots of great food (unbelievable beef tenderloin) and of course, free drinks! Some of the Pats players were there with their families and stuff, and overall there were probably about 500-700 people. Good times!

Check out the pics to see what this place looked like. There was a whole room that was the owner’s private room, full of centuries-old pricess artifacts and decorations. Everything was hand carved wood, absolutely amazing.

The ride there and back though, not fun. Both drivers got lost and ended up relying on an iPhone and a GPS, respectively, to get them back on track and back to the hotel. I give a shout out to the technology gods for that one.

Okay the game really needs to get here, I am getting anxious.

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