T-minus not many hours to go

Yeah, it’s my second to last night in AZ and I should be next door at the Tilted Kilt for a few beers, but I am stuffed full of food from Maggiano’s and kind of tired. So here I sit updating from the hotel room. I suppose it’s not a bad thing taking advantage of the sleep, since it’s the last sleep I’ll be getting in the next 36 hours or so. And I went to the NFL Commissioner’s party last night and it was a damn good time, so I am happy with my nightlife experiences thus far. Anyway, Just got my itinerary for the return trip home, and it’s gonna be a long couple of days. Here’s the rundown:


9-10am: Breakfast; 10am-12pm: Board buses, head to stadium; 12pm-4pm: hang around the stadium, wait for game; 4pm-8pm: SUPER BOWL; 8pm-10pm: make my way back to hotel for after party (win or lose); 10pm-2am: Afterparty ; 2am-5:30am: sleep???; 5:30am-6:30am: board shuttle buses for other hotel; 7am-11am:luggage check, security, depart for airport on buses; 11am-4pm: fly to Boston: (Fast forward 2 hours for time change) – Arrive a Logan at 6pm Monday evening; 6pm-7pm: go to Gillette; 7pm-9pm: get baggage, drive home…hopefully by 9pm at the latest.

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