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I am a web designer/photographer originally from Quincy, MA now residing in North Attleboro, MA. For the last four years, I’ve worked full-time for the Kraft Sports Group (which includes the New England Revolution, New England Patriots, and other various companies) as a Web Content Master. I spend a majority of my time updating (posting stories, creating graphics, features, videos…you name it) Revolutionsoccer.net for the New England Revolution, and also contribute to other websites suchas the Patriots Extra Points website, Patriots.com , TeamOps.com and others.

Prior to that I worked at a small Executive Management Consulting firm in Boston for six years where I learned, well, just about everything one can learn about running a small business.

Web design

I started designing websites over 10 years ago while still in college, and haven’t stopped since. Whether it be in a freelance capacity or for my full-time job, I am always coming up with new ideas and keeping up with the latest web trends. Here are some links to freelance sites I have done:


My interest in photography has been around as long as I can remember. Sometimes though, as people, we have interests that we never quite find in ourselves right away, and that’s the way photography was with me. Growing up, I loved taking photos with my parent’s basic 35mm or 110 camera, but always wondered why snapshots were so one dimensional. I’d see these wonderful photographs in magazines, books, etc. that were absolutely mind blowing and wonder: What are the pros doing differently? What are they using for equipment? How does film work?

Beach BWI got the answers to many of these questions during college, when I finally was able to take a photojournalism class while I was an undergraduate student at Suffolk University. It was a basic course, teaching the ins and outs of operating a 35mm camera (lighting, framing, shutter speeds, f stops, etc.) as well as developing and handling film, and of course making prints (all black and white). This became my favorite class very quickly, as I really enjoyed learning basics of photography and having my long standing questions answered. Two semesters later I took the advanced photojournalism course, and really haven’t stopped shooting since.

People, seascapes, landscapes and industrial objects are my favorite things to shoot. Having suffered through a decade and a half long highway restoration project in my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, there’s always been a lot of unfinished urban decay around me and it’s been a big influence in my photography. I also love changing the angles, so to speak – like making crooked lamp posts on Beacon Hill look straight while the buildings look crooked.

‘Changing the angles’ is really a great metaphor on how my view of the world around me has changed since I started photography on a regular basis – I see everything different now and appreciate everything that my eyes come into contact with. A rock, an evening sky, a lamp post, a pedestrian trying to cross the street – all these things may seem mundane to the casual observer, but to me they all represent an opportunity for a great photograph.

If you would like to contact me regarding freelance work, please e-mail me at jsindal@gmail.com.

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