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T-minus not many hours to go

Yeah, it’s my second to last night in AZ and I should be next door at the Tilted Kilt for a few beers, but I am stuffed full of food from Maggiano’s and kind of tired. So here I sit updating from the hotel room. I suppose it’s not a bad thing taking advantage of the sleep, since it’s the last sleep I’ll be getting in the next 36 hours or so. And I went to the NFL Commissioner’s party last night and it was a damn good time, so I am happy with my nightlife experiences thus far. Anyway, Just got my itinerary for the return trip home, and it’s gonna be a long couple of days. Here’s the rundown:


9-10am: Breakfast; 10am-12pm: Board buses, head to stadium; 12pm-4pm: hang around the stadium, wait for game; 4pm-8pm: SUPER BOWL; 8pm-10pm: make my way back to hotel for after party (win or lose); 10pm-2am: Afterparty ; 2am-5:30am: sleep???; 5:30am-6:30am: board shuttle buses for other hotel; 7am-11am:luggage check, security, depart for airport on buses; 11am-4pm: fly to Boston: (Fast forward 2 hours for time change) – Arrive a Logan at 6pm Monday evening; 6pm-7pm: go to Gillette; 7pm-9pm: get baggage, drive home…hopefully by 9pm at the latest.


Welcome Party

20080201_loscedros06_sm.jpgSo, we went to Los Cedros – an Arabian horse ranch about 20 miles from the new hotel. The place was pretty sweet, complete with about 50 prize horses, most of them gigantic in size. One of them was literally as tall as me from leg to back, and its head went up to about the 8 foot level. It was massive!

There was also lots of great food (unbelievable beef tenderloin) and of course, free drinks! Some of the Pats players were there with their families and stuff, and overall there were probably about 500-700 people. Good times!

Check out the pics to see what this place looked like. There was a whole room that was the owner’s private room, full of centuries-old pricess artifacts and decorations. Everything was hand carved wood, absolutely amazing.

The ride there and back though, not fun. Both drivers got lost and ended up relying on an iPhone and a GPS, respectively, to get them back on track and back to the hotel. I give a shout out to the technology gods for that one.

Okay the game really needs to get here, I am getting anxious.


The switch has been made.

toilet flowerAnd well, let’s just say we went from driving a Lexus to riding in the back of a station wagon with a busted window…but hey, can’t have your cake and eat it too. The hotel staff at least went above and beyond by decorating the spare roll of toilet paper that resides on the top of the toilet, and even fixed the toilet for us when we discovered it wouldn’t flush upon arriving at the hotel. Way to go, Sleep Inn staff!!

There is also free wireless internet, which worked well at first but did not work last night…hence I write this story now instead of yesterday.

Random things I’ve learned and/or witnessed in the last 24 hours:

- There’s a lot of roads that are so under construction that there’s more signs and barriers than there is driving space
- Caramel Machiatos (sp?) from the coffee place next door are delicious and expensive
- Saw  a TV ad last night when we got home (around 11pm) for a late night ‘phone chat’ line complete with scantily clad buxom blonde woman who said, “You’ve seen those internet chat lines – but the internet is hard! Pick up the phone and call…”
- Player was the artist who sang “Baby Come Back” and not Hall & Oates

    Anyway, after checking into the Sleep Inn, we went next door to Carlos O’Brien’s, a Mexican (?) joint with cheap beer and great nachos…
    I’ll write a separate post about the welcome party, it was pretty cool – except for the bus ride.


    I’m starvin’!

    Me taking a photo

    Note: Click on the ‘Super Bowl’ link to the left under ‘blog categories’ if you want to read all the blog entries on a wide page instead of down the side here…

    Another early day. It’s like 12:30 and I need food – stat.

    We had media madness once again, and once again I went in and took some pics. They’re all up on the flickah account for you to see, including one of me actually IN the photo. Amazing! There’s also a few of Jana looking very excited to be there. She doesn’t get out from behind the computer all that much, so she has a valid excuse.

    We’ve also had some possible celebrity sightings this morning…allegedly Lindsay Lohan was spotted purchasing a coffee right outside our workspace, and Tony Romo’s ex is supposedly here as well….yay.

    Today is also hotel moving day, so after lunch we get kicked out of our plush accomodations and into a Sleep Inn three miles down the street. Unfortunately there won’t be any actual sleeping in though.

    And tonight is the big welcome party at Los Cedros. The owner of this establishment is of middle-eastern descent and loves arabian horses. He had them imported here, and built this giant establishment to house the horses and entertainment in…it was built in the middle east and moved here piece by piece. Check out the website, it looks pretty interesting.

    Finally, it’s supposed to be like 33 degrees tonight and some of the party is outside…I thought we left this cold weather behind!?


    Press Conference Madness!

    MankinsThe Pats held their daily press conferences bright and early this morning (well early here, anyway) and I went over and took some pics with Michelle, Chris and Jana. Michelle ended up being the designated tape recorder holder person for part of the morning, and we’re going to use some of the audio on…was pretty fun to walk around and see the whole team, and photograph it of course! They’re all up on my flickr page. Here, have a link to it.

    We went to the Super Bowl media party last night, which was pretty cool. It had a whole western theme to it, with dancin cowgirls, cowboys showing people (Jana) how to rope a steed, and of course…tequila bowling!!! (rolling a lime down a piece of wood to knock over a bunch of plastic nip bottles lined up like bowling pins). THAT was an experience.

    And last but not least…the Gin Blossoms were the evening’s entertainment…yes, the Gin Blossoms…guess they’re A) still a band, and B) from Arizona. Random.


    Glad ya’ll are enjoying my rantings

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Oh and Laura asked me to elaborate about the giant bug we saw scurry across the pavement last night…she also sent me some links to ‘beetles in Arizona” for reference, but sadly none of them really matched. In any case, this was some sort of large beetle-like bug that actually made clickety clackety noises as it scurried across the pavement and made its way into a bush. It was fast too.

    So there, you now know about the large beastly insects that live out here!

    Also, apparently Kelly Pickler from American Idol (the dumb chick that didn’t know Hungary was a country) was there as a correspondant for the Tonight Show…and a few of my co-workers were there reporting and got our team photographer to snap a pic of them with her…well kind of. Read Andy’s play-by-play in the Patriots Football Weekly blog, along with the pic.

    PFW Super Bowl Blog >>


    Tuesday Mornin’

    Didn’t get a chance to check in yesterday, so I’m attempting to write early before breakfast….yesterday was pretty good workwise, and we got to get outside and check out the hotel grounds a bit. This place is phenomenal. Check out the flickr pics at the bottom of the page and you’ll see what I mean. I am not a huge golfer, but man what I wouldn’t give to go hit a few balls on that course…wow.

    Hung out last night for a few beers – outside – by the many open fires they had kickin’. Can’t do that back home this time of year, that’s for sure! More pics to come later.

    My co-worker Michelle has taken some great pics and shot some videos too, which are now on Youtube…check out her blog:

    And yeah, you’ll see me on the video…soomewhere.