Super Bowl XLII Archive


Here in AZ

Made it! Long flight, still waiting for my bag o’ clothes to arrive so I can finally change…but other than that we’re good!

Hit up all week, seriously….great stuff ahead. If you saw this evening’s press conferences, you know what I mean!

EDIT: Apparently my blog entires aren’t long enough for some people’s tastes ::cough::Jana::cough:: so uh, here’s another sentence or two.

Interesting stuff from the plane ride:

Rocky IV and Miracle in a two for one USA vs. Russia movie powerhouse block…followed by The Matrix reloaded. No idea. Oh and I ate a ton of food, and slept…and watched Flight of the Conchords on my PSP. So there you go.


Day One: Sunday – The Waiting game…

And so it begins…bags are checked, and I’m ready to roll. Just have a big chunk of time to kill before we leave, hence I can write this.

There were people here already for the rally at 7:30am – that’s some dedication!

Anyway, too tired to really write anything of substance, except that it’s snowing here lightly, and the forecast calls for snow showers turning into a steadier snow as the day goes on. I won’t be here for that (aww shucks) but the forecast in Phoenix calls for rain showers turning into a steady, heavy rain for when we land. This oughta be interesting.

Oh and be sure to check out the Flickr feed at the bottom of the homepage, as that will hopefully get some pics sent to it directly from the ol’ cameraphone.