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What if someone tricked you and painted a soccer ball brown…

Ever wonder what would happen if one were to give a seven-year-old a microphone and let her interview a bunch of professional soccer players and coaches? Wonder no more.

I filmed, edited and produced this piece for revolutionsoccer.net – featuring Revolution team captain Steve Ralston’s daughter Anna -  one day after the Revs’ training session last week.

Definitely a slight departure from the norm, but a lot of fun and people are enjoying it.

Watch the video here.


A few things to share

Since I’ve basically been a no-show here on my blog in 2009, here’s a few things I’d like to share as far as my work goes.

As usual, we have a ton of web initiatives taking place over at Gillette Stadium for both teams!

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New Blog Theme

Yeah, I’ve went and changed my blog theme once again, and this is still in the works (is anything ever final?). Anyway, I am on vacation this week so I’ll be making this look better in the near future.