Meeting one of the Best

Last week I had the privilege of meeting one of the world’s top sports photographers – Sports Illustrated’s Peter Read Miller. Admittedly, I did not know him by name before I was asked to join him and several other photographers in an event run by Canon at Gillette Stadum. However, I surely knew his photos and if you are a sports fan – you probably do too.

The whole thing came about because of the MIAA High School Super Bowls that were being hosted at Gillette Stadium the weekend of Dec. 6th. Canon had invited Peter along with his assistant, Max, and a local high school photo contest winner (I apologize but I don’t have his name! He was a great photographer with an amazing future ahead of him) to speak to a group of high school photography students from Stoughton that were going to be shooting the MIAA events over the weekend through Canon.

I was asked to also speak at this from the perspective of a Patriots employee who had a photography background. I talked about my experience shooting the ‘Media Days’ at last year’s Super Bowls (photos here) and what it was like finagling my way around a crowded room full of football players and national media. I showed six of my own photos (see the Wes Welker photo to the right) to the crowd of about 20 kids.

I went on after Peter, so it was a little nerve racking going on after a 30+ year veteran at Sports Illustrated, but the kids seemed to like it, so it worked out well. Peter basically showed his favorite photos from over the last 30 years and gave some back story to some of them, which was pretty interesting.

Max went on after me and he also spoke about his experience at last year’s Super Bowl, which was actually a video he shot interviewing other photographers on what it’s like getting into the photography business these days.

Afterward, while the photo students were enamored by Gillette Stadium and shooting photos of everything in sight, I had the opportunity to pick Peter’s brain a bit from everything to equipment to shooting techniques, so for someone who was there to lend their experiences to others (me), I sure learned a lot in the mere two hours I took part in this event.