The idea behind Jersey Shore

Full disclaimer: I don’t watch “Jersey Shore.” I’ve watched bits and pieces of two New...

Full disclaimer: I don’t watch “Jersey Shore.” I’ve watched bits and pieces of two New Year’s Day marathons the last two years, but that’s about as much as I could take.

But – this year’s random serving of douchebaggery by the bay made me come to realize how MTV may have come up with the idea for their insanely addicting (I guess?) show that is dumbing down America by the second.

MTV EXEC #1: “So, ‘Real World 56′ : We need a new concept. We’ve covered every singular stereotype and had some good times doing it. Puck? Pedro? Classic! But anyway, this ‘seven people from different backgrounds thing isn’t working anymore.

MTV PRESIDENT: “What are you proposing then? Four people and four animals maybe? How about ‘Real World 56: Down on the farm?’

MTV EXEC #1: ” Nah, I think Paris Hilton did something like that already anyway. Instead of seven people from different backgrounds, how about seven people who are pretty much ALL alike, but all equally annoying and appalling?”


MTV EXEC #1: “Remember ‘The Dog Brothers’ from ‘Sex in the 90s’ back in ’96? They were Italian-American. They were douchebags. They had lots of clothes. They were from New Jersey.”

MTV PRESIDENT: “So you’re saying you want to make a show about seven guido douchebags living together in New Jersey.”


MTV PRESIDENT: “Who the hell would want to watch that trainwreck?”

Sadly, millions and millions of people want to watch that trainwreck.

Here are the original douches, ‘The Dog Brothers.”

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