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Ice cream!

Ice cream!

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A few weekends ago we headed down to East Providence to check out a wedding venue (which looks like it’s going to be our final choice!) and came across a small ice cream stand. Had to get a photo of this wonderful sign encouraging small children to destroy their parent’s ears and possibly cause an accident all in the name of getting ice cream.

Guess that’s what being a kid is all about, eh?


Organizing Flickr

Well, I decided to go Pro on Flickr, finally. I just have way too many photos, and I guess it makes more sense than just tacking it on to my web hosting plan (which needs to be renewed soon anyway). So, as a result of going pro, I was able to create a bunch of new sets. Want to see them? Of course you do.

Pasta Dinner
I got home from work one night, saw my camera on the counter and said hey what the hell – let’s create a mini photo essay from 45 minutes of creating my pasta dinner masterpiece. It was the best tasting photo essay I’ve ever created (that was lame, sorry.)

Super Bowl 42
Though I still have nightmares about the outcome of the actual game, the eight days I spent in Arizona leading up to the big game was something I’ll never forget, and I have tons and tons of photos to remember the whole experience by.

iPhone Camera
This set will be growing all the time, as I send my photos from my iPhone straight to my Flickr gallery. NOT my best photographic work of course, but cool snapshots and random photos of things I encounter in daily life. I’ve actually only uploaded about 30 of the 150 iPhone photos I’ve taken since I got it in March, so I am sure one day I’ll drop a bunch more in there now that I have endless space.

Maine Coast- July 2008
These are all photos from my trip to Maine this past July. I knew these photos would all have special meaning before I took them, as I proposed to my girlfriend immediately after we got back from the trip. Why not on the trip? We got back on July 3rd, and her birthday is the 4th. You’ll see a few fireworks photos from this date in my general feed, and they were taken right after I proposed. Awwwwwwwwww.