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Metallica’s Death Magnetic – My Review

The thing that’s tough about music reviews is that the reviewer generally gets the new CD a week or two before it is released to the public, meaning they only have a few listens at best to give their opinion on up to 80 minutes of music. That, to me is not enough time to form an opinion on an album. Time is needed to truly enjoy or not enjoy the album before informing the masses what you think the best song on the album is and really mean it.  Sure, you can either love it or hate it right off the bat, but for me, an album really stands out if I end up listening to it over and over and over from the day I purchase it.

That, my friends – is what we have here in ‘Death Magnetic.’

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Headed over to the new Newbury Comics in Norwood last night to grab the new Metallica album, ‘Death Magnetic’ and also watch a friend’s Metallica cover band crank out some tunes right inside the store with WAAF. Took a bunch of photos which you can view by clicking the photo above.

Metalliham rocking out at Newbury Comics

Gotta say, that’s the biggest Newbury Comics there is, and well worth the trip if you’re looking for that sort of thing to purchase.

Weird actually buying a CD as opposed to downloading it! Loving the album thus far, on my second time through already!


Six days until…

…Metallica is BACK. Man, it feels so good to say that, as anyone who knows anything about these guys knows that their last album, St. Anger, was nothing short of awful. No guitar solos for chrissake!

From what I’ve heard of ‘Death Magnetic‘ (being released next Friday, Sept. 12), it seems legendary producer Rick Rubin stepped in said quite simply – “Enough screwing around, do what you do best.”

I’m not much of a music reviewer, but I’ll do a song by song review once I have the full album in hand. Until then, I’ll be listening to these six songs for the next six days.

One last note – Legendary Framingham Metallica cover band METALLIHAM will be playing at the all-new Newbury Comics in Norwood on Friday to celebrate the new album. I am going to try and head down there after work, and I suggest you do the same! If you are from MA in were into the local music scene in the late 90s-early 00s, you’ll recognize lead singer Brendan Cheever as the former lead singer/bass player of Controlled Aggression.